Thursday, 29 January 2009

2 lunches

Today was my appointment with the ear nose throat doctor.
I had to be at guy's hospital at 13.45 so had to leave around 12.30.
To be able to fit it into my schedule I ended up having lunch around 11.45 (the leftovers from the delicious cauliflower cheese my boss made for me).
By the time I had been to the dr's and was at waterloo station heading home it was 3 and I was starving.
So I bought myself a bagel (cream cheese, pesto, tomatoes and red pepper). And a bag of crisps. And a donut (can't say no to a crispy creme).

I'm still stuffed and don't think I'll ever be able to eat again...

Now I'm going to watch home and away and eat some maltesers...

must not shop, must not shop

Why do I do this to myself?
I am saving up for a laptop, I know I can't spend money!
Why am I looking at all these scrapbooky, crafty, stashy things on the interweb!
I know I need stuff for my mum's scrapbook. But if I can't buy it now, what's the point in looking?!

my card-finger is itching

No no no
must not shop

I'm not allowing myself any more computer time today!

sab x

Thursday, 22 January 2009

I'm back!

Haven't posted on here for a while. I have no excuse other than I'm lazy. And was very busy before christmas...
Before christmas I kept getting ill, I think I was overworked, stressed and generally in need of a break. In the six or so weeks before my christmas break I had pretty much one week on/one week off when it came to illness. And it wasn't just the sniffles, it was tonsillitis, mouth full of ulcers and some flu or something that had me knocked out with a temp of 39.8C... Luckily Christmas eve was on a wednesday which meant I could take two whole weeks off! Went back home to sweden as usual and hung out with my family and Hanna!!! I had a brillian time and returned to London and work rested and feeling on top of the world again! Still feeling pretty good.

Yesterday I went to see my doctor and after a long talk we decided to start work on lowering my dose of ads over the spring and summer period. I am quite a highdose and don't really feel ready to come off them yet but a lower dose sounds good.
I'm hoping it will also help get my creativity back. It's been somewhat lacking these past couple of months. I have all this beautiful stash and keep wanting to do something with it but can't think what.
Last couple of weeks I have started buying lots of crafting magazines again to see if I can get some inspiration and I have to say it's helped!

I do have my mum's scrapbook to get done. She turns 60 in march and I've decided to make her a scrapbook. It will be a challenge as it will be my first one! I have made layouts but never a whole book and it needs to sort of feel like it all fits together rather than just a bunch of layouts thrown together! I'm not planning to make it in to a "this is your life" sorta thing though...

We'll see. I'll post a few layout here as I comlete them.
First thing I have to do though is tidy up my stash! I don't have a craft room so all my stuff has to fit into my bedroom. And I don't really have any crafty storage, I've bought a few storage boxes etc but all my stuff just seems to be "sorted" into various carrier bags piled up all over my room. However, yesterday I went and bought a kind of storage unit thingy form argos and tonight's the night! All (well most) of my stash will be organised and get it's own place! That's the plan anyways, we'll see how it goes!

Now unfortunately I think I can here the bathroom calling to me that it wants to be cleaned so I'll have to take my leave.

I won't wait this long to updat again!

Stay safe!
sab x