Sunday, 25 September 2011

And breathe

I did it! I've done it!
I managed to sort out the page numbers and decided to ignore the title page thing.
It is only a draft after all so I'm counting on my teacher telling me what needs to be sorted out...

Either way, my first written school assignment in more than ten years will be handed in tomorrow!
Fingers crossed (or if you're Swedish: hold your thumbs)!

Pride comes before a fall?

I've spent what feels like a week trying to put flipping page number on my person spec and the freaking computer does weird things to the document whenever I do it!
I'm not entirely sure what "title page with full title of assignment" means either...

I give up!
I don't want to do this bloody course any more!


busy as a bee

Last night was another sleepless one and after struggling to get back to sleep for an hour or so I finally threw in the towel and got out of bed around 8.30.
I made myself a cup of tea and decided to get started on my homework. I read Her Big Chance from Alan Bennett's Talking Heads and because I like his monologues so much I just carried on and read half the book.
I finally told myself that there are no prizes for reading ahead and made a start on something that actually has to be in tomorrow: a flipping person specification and an action plan for applying to uni.
It was around this time that my old friend procrastination popped round and decided to spend the day...
So in the last few hours I've spent maybe half an hour working on my assignment and the rest reading blogs, watching TV, painting my toenails and really anything that isn't schoolwork.
Now, before anyone starts waggling a finger and saying "Now, now Sabina. You really must do your homework..." I'd just like to point out that the thing is more or less finished. It's really just fine tuning at this point.
And it will get done tonight!
Along with my linguistics homework.
So, there!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Exciting times ahead

After another sleepless night I am now lounging in bed watching breakfast on BBC and thinking that I should really have a shower and start getting ready.
You see I'm going to an open day at Queen Mary University today.
I'm slightly nervous but really excited, I've never actually been on a university campus before.
My dear sister is coming along as well so it should be a fun day out!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hello. Is it me you're looking for?

I feel like I should blog.
Tell you all about my amazing new life as a student and all these new experiences and impressions.
And, you know, it is great.
It's also exhausting since I'm still working the same hours. Or rather, have the same workload but less hours to do it in!
I also need to research universities and find 5 courses/unis to apply to before the end of November.
And do my schoolwork.
And try to resist the urge to curl up in the foetal position and cry whenever I try to do these things.
I also found out the other day that, apparently, I don't know how to use punctuation! Specifically full stops and commas.
So rather a lot to take in...

On the upside, I seem to get a discount whenever I buy anything!
And my sister is coming with me to my first university open day on Saturday!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I put some new shoes on

And off I go for my first day of college!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult?

Since I am shortly going to be a student again (and also because I'm a pedant when it comes to spelling and stuff) I bought a dictionary today. While I was waiting to pay I flicked through it and looked at a random page and this is what I saw: Fart - let out wind from the anus.
So it seems that even when I try to be all grown up and responsible I just can't.
I mean, you can't for a minute imagine that I didn't have a little chuckle right there in the queue at WHSmith right?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Wands at the ready

I've just discovered that there is a secret platform at London Waterloo. I feel like I'm in Harry Potter! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for funny looking people running full tilt into barriers, will keep you posted...

Friday, 2 September 2011

No good deed...

Since I got back from my holiday I've been looking after a neighbour's allotment, which basically means that every few days I walk there, pick whatever I want, do a bit of watering and maybe tie up a tomato plant or two. Then I carry my haul home and make it into lovely jams and chutneys. For this she paid me and also gave me two bracelets (she makes and sells jewellery). So when she got back the other day I went over there with some jars of stuff, I kinda figured we'd share it all but wasn't sure what she wanted so just gave her a selection.
Today when I got home from work she had popped a present through the letter box. Two brilliant jam and preserve books and an awesome, professional style thermometer. To say thanks for the jam.
And now I want to give her more jam to say thanks for the stuff...
This could go on forever! 

Thursday, 1 September 2011

It's all happening!

My sister is blogging again!
And in her comeback post you can read about one of the things I've been freaked out about... She's preggers! Which, of course, is awesome. She's going to be the best, coolest, funnest mum ever, her kid is going to be cool, gorgeous, clever and brilliant an I am, obviously, going to be the best aunt ever!
The reason I've been slightly freaked out about it is that she's just a baby herself. Yes, shes 27 which isn't actually too young to have kids, but she's my baby sister. Also, she just seems to have grown up all of a sudden: baby, new job and career prospects, setting up a home with her boyfriend and all the while I'm still floating around trying to decide how much longer I'm going to do this Peter Pan thing.
But I am really happy! For her, of course, but also for myself.... I'm going to be an aunt! I can't wait to meet the amazing creature I saw on the screen at her 12 week scan!