Tuesday, 4 November 2008

been sooo busy

I finally have some time to myself today! The kids I look after have been on half term break for 10 years (2 weeks) and my head still hasn't stopped spinning! I ordered some stuff from create and craft last time they had a craft weekend and it arrived last week. A bunch of different coloured blan atcs + atc-back stamp and some nice patterned papers. Yesterday I finally got time to have a bit of a play with the and the papers smelled faintly of wee... I have noticed that papers sometimes do that. When I used to religiously buy NME every week me and my sister noticed them always smelling a bit like that too... hmmm.
Anyway, managed to make some swaps for the souther atc meet I'm going to this weekend! Still have a few craks to do and a renaissance swap... And buy tickets, packed lunch, decide what to bring, rustle something up for raffle price... I really should get cracking! Unfortunately, right now, I have to go iron some sheets!
Happy crafting all!

sab x

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

busy bee

Not been on for a while. Been very busy making all my christmas cards plus a boxful I promised to send my mum to be sold to raise money for their church. Why oh why do I take on these things?!

Been a good week so far, monday I recieved a envelope packed full of goodies and today I recieved my first stamped image swap and the envelope had sooo much stuff in it I was in shock!

On my way to the post office now to send off a parcel to sweden. My lovely friend there supplies me with snus (swedish tobacco product which isn't available in the uk) and I recently sent her an atc.
She is quite into crafting etc so I thought she might like atcs. She was really intrigued and started asking me all these questions about it! So I thought I'd put together a little starter kit for her. I'm so excited to see what she makes with it!

I will leave you with this pic from a brilliant website!

more animals

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

live for the weekend

I am a grumpy girl today. My weekend was so busy I didn't have time to get any rest. I was supposed to go out with my sis and some friends on the Friday so when I finished work at 7 I went home, had a shower and got ready. My sister phones me and says they're all in a pub in marble arch (they all work in central London) and to come there and we'll have a drink and then go to a club.
I set off on my nearly hour long journey from SW15. After I've arrived and had 2 drinks everyone decides they're too tired to go out and call it a night. I was fuming!!! I don't travel into central London to have 2 drinks!!!
So I end up going back to my friend(who's a boy but not my boyfriend)'s place to bemoan my miserable evening.

Next day I decide to go shopping and head off for an all day event. I have a list of things I need: boots or some other nice winter shoes, scrapbooking and atc'ing supplies, jacket and assorted clothes. After about 5 hours trawling the shops I head home empty handed.
I find there are few things as depressing as spending a whole day "shopping" and not buying anything...
in the evening I catch up on a few atc swaps then have an early night. Need to get up early next day...

Sunday morning and I get up at 7!!! Human beings (certainly not this one) are not meant to be up that early on Sundays! I have just about enough time to pour half a cup of tea down my neck before I run out the door. My friend (same as above) is doing the first London half marathon "Run To The Beat" and we have to be in north Greenwich by nine. Of course there are engineering works so I end up having to take a bus to Clapham Junction where I'm meeting the others.
We get the train to Waterloo then the jubilee line, which is one of only 2 ways to get to the O2 arena where the start is. When we're on the tube we're informed it's only running part of the way and we'll have to get a bus the last bit. Us and the other thousands of runners and spectators... We end up getting a taxi from Canada water since the buses are only running a Sunday service and the whole world wants to get on them...
The rain is pouring down and I am soaked before the thing even starts. After watching my fried at the star, and cheering him on with my sign I go inside and have a cooked veggie breakfast and some nice tea, bliss.
I then head back out , in good time to cheer him at the finish. End up standing in the rain for 45 min before he finally runs past, oblivious to my cheering and sign and looking like he's about to die.
My camera also died so I didn't get a picture of him...

I did get some good pics of him before the race though and kept some souvenirs to make into a mini book for him.

I usually start work at 3.30 on Mondays but to make matters worse there is an inset day at the little boy's school so I have to work all day...

That's why I'm grumpy... All work and no sleep makes Sabina a grumpy girl...

That's all form me for this time folks!
sab x

Thursday, 2 October 2008


So many times have I decided to set up a blog only to lose interest after 2 days...
Could it have something to do with the fact that my life is empty and un-interesting?
I used to blog most days on myspace and such sites and that was fun so I have decided to give it another shot!

So here goes!
Watch this space!
sab x