Friday, 30 October 2009


Why am I so tired?
I have only worked 2 days this week...

Beddy byes for me!
sab x

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Jason Owen has won an appeal against his indeterminate sentence...
These people make me sick!
That any person who was involved, either directly or inderectly, in the death of a 17 month
old child would feel unfairly treated!

Like Sharon Shoesmith seeking compensation?!
You have got to be kidding me!
How do these people live with themselves?

Makes me want to cry...

For anyone who doesn't know the case - Baby Peter

sab x

Tv heaven

Pooped after working hard all day!
Took a whole rubbish bag full of stuff to Oxfam...
Now I'm gonna chill with some gossip girl and chocolate flavoured soya milk!

sab x

Piles and piles of crap

Been cracking on with the piles.
Started with the clothes piles...
After three attempts to fit everything into my wardrobe I have now given up!
I obviously have too much crap...
So there is now an extra pile - stuff to give to charity shops...
That's what I'm doing the rest of today.
Yes, it will take me all evening to decide what to keep and what to give away.
Like I said, I have a lot of crap...

Just having a rest now.
And a cuppa!
sab x


Made myself a yummy lunch today!
Swedish oven pancakes* with homemade peach jam and crusty white bread
with cheese and yellow pepper.

Oven pancakes are really easy to make and very yummy.
Make a batter using 2 eggs, 400 ml milk 200ml plain flour and a pinch of salt.
Pour the batter into a greased square pan and stick it in the oven at about 225 degrees
for about 20 mins until browned on top.
I like mine quite thick, it makes it nice and crusty on top and gooey in the middle
but if not, use a largeish pan for a thinner pancake.
Eat with jam/sugar/anything else you'd like!
Any left over are really nice to eat next day cut into smaller chunks and fried up in butter!

yum yum!
sab x

Flame grilled sunday roast...

On sunday I cooked a sunday roast for my friend Ian as a late birthday dinner.
Well, I use the term "cooked a roast" very loosely here...
My darling brother was coming over after work so we were eating quite late.
I started off by peaking too soon.
You know, when everything is prepared and waiting to be cooked but there's a few
hours left before it can go in the oven.
Then I set fire to a roasting pan!
I got the pan out for the potatoes but instead of putting it on the kitchen counter
in readiness, my brain stopped working and I stuck the empty pan in the preheating oven.
Ordinarily I wouldn't think that should be a problem, right?
I've never heard of pans just bursting into flames?
My theory is that it hadn't been properly cleaned and some dried/burnt on grease,
on the pan, overheated and caught fire...
Either way, after a few minutes I noticed a smell of burning so I went to investigate.
I opened the oven and flames burst out.
Actual huge fiery flames!
Always cool under pressure, I slammed the oven door shut and started screaming Fire! Fire!
James ran into the kitchen to see what the screaming was about and there was a minute or 2
when he kept opening the oven and I kept slamming it shut.
Finally he won the struggle and got the pan out and stuck it in the sink and turned the tap on.
I know you shouldn't put water on burning oil, but remember, there was no actual oil in the pan!
The rubber thing around the oven door was also on fire and he sorted that out.
All the while I was cowering in a corner (litterally) and screaming my head off!
Long story short, the oven didn't really work after that and we ended up slicing the beef and griddlig it and frying the potatoes...
It tasted alright though.
And there was my brilliant cake after!!!

I was a bit surprised at my reaction though...
Screaming?! Hiding in a corner?!
Get a grip woman!!

The flames were huge though...
sab x

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Scary stuff, the real world

I've just watched The Truman Show.
That film makes me sad...

But also kind of freaked out.
Where does he go when he climbs through that door?
Is there someone there to meet him?
Where will he live, what will he do?
I mean, it's almost like he's not a real person...
He has no family, no "real life" skills.
I bet it'd be a bit of a shock interacting with "real people"!

It's almost like I want him to stay... He's safe in the show!

Ok, yes I know it's a movie.
It's not real.
But still...

I'm nervous for him!
They need to make a sequel, so I can find out what happened...
Although I bet he'd turn into an alcoholic or something and end up killing himself.
He'd be pretty f****d up wouldn't he?
Yeah, too depressing!

I'm done babbling now.
As you were!
sab x

Love in my tummy!

Today has been a very productiv one.
I baked and (quite elaborately) iced a birthday cake for a friend!
And as I had half a tin of condensed milk left over from the cake,
I made some millionaires shortbread as well!

Here I was going to post a pic of my rather brilliant (if I may say so myself) cake.
However, blogger seems to have other ideas.

And since that's completely ruined my blogging experience,
I'm now going to bed!

Sab x

Friday, 23 October 2009


Well I finally managed to upload the picture!
So feast your eyes!

I used my (also recently purchased) piping nozzles for the icing.

Some other time, when I don't really need to go to bed, I will type out the recipe for you.

sab x


When I have my pug, I'm going to feed it cupcakes to!

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

Thursday, 22 October 2009

To saw or not to saw

I recently purchased myself a copy of The Hummingbird Bakery book.
(Yes, recipe books are my porn)
I have had cupcakes from there a couple of times and they rock,
I wish I lived closer to one then I'd eat them all the time!
It has lots of yummy looking pictures and delish sounding recipes!

So this evening, as I have the house all to myself, I decided to have a go.
I made one batch of vanilla cupcakes and one batch of chocolate cupcakes.
Then I iced the vanilla ones with chocolate buttercream and vice versa.
Then I decorated them with silver balls, chocolate sugar strands and hundreds & thousands.
Then I ate 2 and now I feel sick...

Ok, I was going to pop a picture in the post so you could see my yummy cakes...
but it's not working.
You'll just have to close your eyes and imagine them!

chocolate kisses
sab x

p.s. saw III is on and I want to watch it but I'm all alone and scared!

p.p.s. My room seems to have turned into a zoo.
A ladybird just landed on my hand! Eurgh!!!



I have a bumblebee in my room...
I don't know where it came from.
(Bumblebees don't just spring into existance right?)
I don't want it here.
I tried to shoo it out the window but then it started buzzing round my head.
It seems slightly confused.
I'm confused, I didn't think there were bumblebees this time of year.
Don't they hibernate?
Or die?
Whatever, I don't want it in my room!

But I can't kill it.
I've already been involved in the (painful, drawn out) mass murder of the rats
living under our kitchen cupboards!

Maybe if I ignore it long enough it will find it's own way out?
I mean, it found it's own way in...

It's hard being me.
Sab x

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Order please! Order!

I have lost my phone charger...
Well, maybe not lost, it's somewhere in my room. I just can't find it!
I'm guessing it's in one of the pile's of clothes/stuff/whatever that daily threaten to drown me.
(my sister did this with her camera once, lost it for ages then found it underneath a pile of clothes. Then actually lost it for real when her suitcase was stolen on a train in france...)
My room has gone from being a mess, to piles, to mess and back to piles again, I don't know
how many times now.
It's all part of an ongoing (read never ending) project that I started a (loooooong) while ago.
I decided that my drawers, wardrobe etc were too messy and I couldn't find
anything/didn't have anywhere to put all my stuff.
So I got everything out to organise it.
Then I ran out of steam...
Now it's just escalated beyond control!
The only clothes currently residing in my wardrobe are the ones I never use.
All the other ones are either in the "dirty" pile or the "clean" pile.

The thing is I can't just shove it all in.
No, it needs to be tidy! And organised!
Such is the extent of my OCD that I'd rather live amongst plies of crap then have untidy

I think I need to get help!

Sab x

p.s. I'm now charging my phone through my laptop which means I can't turn it off (sorry Hanna, I lied) so I can't go to bed. And no, I can't just leave it on over night. Boo for wasting energy!

p.p.s. I was going to write a little something about my biggest rolemodel - my mum.
But I'm still working on that... I haven't forgotten mamma!


I'm bushed.

I'm shattered.
I'm pooped.
I'm knackered.

It was a long weekend and I haven't quite recovered from it.
Friday was my sis' going away bash which was in many ways an un-paralleled (wow, funny word!) disaster and in many ways really good!
Saturday was spent recovering form the night before and looking for edible food.*
Sunday was the day of my sisters departure. *sob*
Now I'm sad. I miss my sister!
I really shouldn't, it's only been a couple of days, but I think it's the idea of not seeing her for 2 months. And not really talking ot her...
Feels weird.

Today I have not left the house.
Not because I was lazy or anything.
Just beacuse the kids are on half term - so no school run, they were out with friends - I didn't have to take them anywhere and I had lots of ironing to do - kind of an indoor activity.
Still, maybe I should go for a walk or something now that I've finished work.
I hear fresh air and exercise is good for you...

Nope, too tired.

Peace, love and Barack Obama
Sab x

*if the woman preparing your panini decides not only to cut it in half without taking the plastic off first, but also to do it with what must have been a butter knife - leave immediately.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

all I have energy for right now...


It's cold outside.
I somehow managed to turn off 3 alarms in my sleep this morning.
A minute ago I remembered I was making tea but it had gone cold so I've had to start over.
I'm not doing well so far...

The man from the council (aka The Rat Man) is coming today to check that the rats are
munching the poison.
And take away any dead ones that may be hanging round underneath our kitchen cupboards.
Lovely eh?!

Now I'm going to read my shortlist, have my (fresh) cup of tea
and maybe a bagel with jam and then get on with my jobs!

sab x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Enough to give anyone nightmares!

There's all sorts of their stuff on youtube, including a doc...
Poor girls, they never stood a chance!

(That doesn't mean I don't find this offensive, I do...)

Hugs and kisses
Sab x


So, I see that I have 25 followers although I realise they're not all
sitting there clicking the refresh button and waiting for my next post!
I also have a few visits to my blog (at least according to that statmetercountingmabob).
I also have a few people who I recognise as fairly regular commenters (commentators?!).

I guess what I'm trying to say is: Comment!
Just a Hi or a Lol or an Aww poor you (depending on the post obviously) would be nice...
I just want to see how many actually read and give a hoot!

So, let's call it an experiment.
I like calling things "an experiment"!

Thanks a bunch in advance!
Look forward to hearing from you!
sab x

Pissing myself laughing

Return of the Blogger

Been absent for a while...
(did anyone notice?!)
Somehow my life has just gotten really hectic lately.
Not quite sure how that has happened!
Been hanging out with sis a lot and she's kinda far away and now
bro and Bana Hanana are here...
My sister goes on her Big Adventure soon and her going away party is on friday.
As usual I am not prepared at all and it's getting a bit difficult fitting everything in!
It starts at 8, my counselling finishes at 7.45. Hmmm.
I can't reschedule (it is the nhs after all) and it's my last session, when we're supposed
to talk about where I go from here, so I can't cancel it.
My sister is very understanding and has said we can probably sort something
out so I can still eat when I get there (although I'll have to miss the starter).
I need to have my nails done, was going to do that tomoz but ooops - I'd said I'd babysit.
Go to have them done now and the lovely Vanessa isn't there, she's ill!
So I ended up booking an appointment for tomorrow morning (should have enough time
to do my jobs anyway) get home and realise I've forgotten what time the appointment is...
Things are not going well for me!

Sitting here now, drinking apple and elderflower juice, snacking on roasted corn and licorice and trying to make a plan in my head.
Unfortunately my head doesn't seem to be working at the mo...

Until next time
Sab x

Thursday, 8 October 2009

All blogged out

Think I slightly overdid it on the postings yesterday.
I have nothing to write...

Actually, that's a lie.
I just can't be bothered to write it.

Now, I know that you, my legions of readers can't
go a single day without a sab update.
So here goes:
This evening I mad cookies.

Under and In
(I nicked that from a mate!)
Sab x

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


This whole "missing a big chunk of skin off my toe" thing isn't really doing it for me...
Been wearing flippies this week but tonight when I was getting ready to go to the
cinema with James (which turned into quick dinner then home) I decided to wear shoes, as it was chucking it down outside...
I put on my primark pumps (cheap and cheerful!) because they're quite soft and, although pointy, not very tight in the toe area. All was fine.
For a while.
On my way home I actually considered taking the shoe off and walking barefoot...
The pain!!!

And it's not like the shoes kept my feet from getting wet either...

Total Fail!
Sab x

To chav or not to chav...

I asked my little angel today (he was in a good mood) what he thought about
my piercing.
After a moment's thought he replied: it suit you.
Of course I was overjoyed at this!
He is really the only person whos opinoin matters.
(I should point out that he's a 9 yo boy I look after...)

On the other hand (the story above was on the one hand) I asked him the other day
what he thought about my new, big, black hoop earrings and he said they look a bit chavvy.
Which I thought was a bit rich coming from someone who, if he can get away with it, wears top-to-toe chelsea trackies. And wears socks to bed (that's not really chavvy, but neither is it ok)...
Of course I didn't say that - he is after all nine.
I just hmphed and walked away.

sab x

Whta's happened now then?!

My volume control has gone missing!
I'm starting to think that my Big Dave (my laptop) is in on this conspiracy with the royal mail
and my mobile to drive me round the bend...

Oooh, as I'm writing this lots of other things are disappearing...
What's going on?!?!

sab x

how annoying

My piercing (or rather the part of my lip that's pierced) is hurting a bit...
I really do hope it doesn't get infected.
Quite apart form the fact that an infection would be a bit of a bother,
I have been telling all the doubters that the risk of infection is minimal and there is absolutely no reason not to get your lip pierced.
And I don't handle "I told you so"s well.

oh well
sab x

Monday, 5 October 2009


Takes a bit of getting used to, eating with this thing stuck in my lip.
The amount of times today that my theeth have caught the stud and yanked it in...

My brother comes to London tomorrow!
I'm so happy! *dances about*

I broke my ring today...
It had a wonky black star on it and I love stars.
It ws one of those adjustable thing.
When I was trying to adjust it, I pulled the star off!
I loved that ring...
Maybe I could super-glue it?

sab x

What a productive weekend!

So, I finally got my piercing!
I'm really proud of myself as I had to go in all on my own and I was bricking it...
But I did it and it didn't hurt one bit! (ok maybe one little bit just when the needle went through)
It was just like when I got my tattoo, the anticipation is the worst and as son as they start I go: Is that it?!

My sister was a star!
We were supposed to go and get some stuff for her (in preparation for her trip) but she came with me to look for a piercing studio first. Which didn't really work out...
Then after we'd been to primark (where she also didn't find anything) she was on the phone trying to find a place.
We ended up getting a cab to fulham for it which meant that she didn't have time to do as much at home as she had planned.
She takes her duties as my piercing/tattoo buddy very seriously!

Anyway, doesn't it look great?!

My sis took this picture right after and then blogged it from her iPhone!

In other news, I had (god knows why) decided to wear some pretty shoes for the weekend.
They have a little heel but are very comfortable.
Only thing is, because I haven't worn them a lot and my feet are very wide, I ended up with huge blisters especially on my baby toes.
Her boyfriend said of one of them that it looked like an extra toe, it was so big!
This morning, after I'd had a shower, I needed to change the plaster.
But apparently it had gotten stuck in the blister and the whole thing came off!
I'm now missing a huge chunk of skin on my toe and had to wrap it up on plasters and micro porous tape...
Think I'm going to have to wear flip flops today!

Over and out
sab x

Friday, 2 October 2009

Cheerful post?

Milestone today.
Cried at a counselling session for the first time in my life.
But, I actually feel a bit better!

Munching double deckers and hanging out with my angel...
He's watching telly and I'm blopping.
And he's in a good mood! His smile can really cheer me up.

This weekend I think I'm going to buy myself that camera.
And a cute knitted dress I've had my eye on for a while...
Retail therapy anyone?

sab x

Thursday, 1 October 2009

soppy I know

I love this song...
When I get really down about this sh*t I feel like this...

I can't do this by myself
All of these problems, they're all in you head
And I can't be somebody else
You took something perfect and painted it red

well, hello old friend.

Had a very rough night...
Awake for a long time with mothing but my demons for company...
And, yes, I was stupid.
But I won't feel bad about it. I did what I had to do to get through the night...
I foolishly thought I was over it but I guess I'm not. Never will be.
It felt like coming home, a return to the old me...

Tossed between anxiety attacks and crying fits.
One minute I was hating myself, the next everyone else.
Afterwards I could breathe again.
In the early hours of the morning I cried myself to sleep.
With the tv as background noise and the light on.

I can see that deep, dark hole looming...
But I'm not going back there.
I'm gonna sort this sh*t out...

This to shall pass
sab x

sad song

I'm in a mood for sad songs.

How brilliant is this song?
How beautiful is she?
And doesn't it just break your heart when she starts crying?

I could listen to this all day long...
sab x