Wednesday, 24 June 2009

These guys always cheer me up!

Well today has not been a good day...
The start was bad, the middle alright and the end (so far) not so good...
Oh well, Ugly Betty is on tonight and I've had my nails done.
They're now green!!!

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Much the same as mine lol!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Just a quicky

I'm getting really into all these challenge blogs!
This is a tag I did for Tuesday Taggers where the theme this week is
The main image is from an old newspaper I picked up...

Now I really must run to work!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Wow, lots of posts in one go!
I have recently (in the last few days) started a journal (art journal, mixed media whatever)
and I just thought I'd post some pics of a page I did in it...

I really like doing this, it's very therapeutic (surely that's not how you spell it?!),
I have never been one for keeping a diary, quite often I find it difficult to put
into words my feelings. Doing it this way is suits me much better and gives me
a creative outlet for my feelings...
Wow don't I sound all pretentious!

Anyway, over on the mixed media mondays challenge blog the theme is numbers
so I thought this tied in quite neatly!

Pieces of me

Have finally managed to upload some pictures of what I made the
other night!

It was inspired by last weeks Make it Monday cahllenge which was Puzzles!

I used some jiggy pieces I had left over from the swap on
UK Scrappers. Painted them with acrylic paint. Cosmic shimmered them using some Tim Holtz
masks. Stamped swirly bits with gold and silver ink.
The letters are just some cheapo chipboard letters that I embossed with gold
embossing powder (wanted to use my bronze but couldn't find it!) and then
stuck on. 2 of the pieces (I and E) were wrapped with blue wire.
On one corner of M I added some jump rings and a goldie looking chain. (That bit's not finished yet, trying to find something nice to hang from it...)
And then I attached them all together with some beaded wire.

Apart from finding some sort of charm, all that's left to do is add some sort of
"hangin up" bit at the top...

It's no master piece but I sure had fun making it!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

bits and bobs

Today has been a brilliant day! Glorious sunshine and I met up with the lovely Emma
at Portobello Road. On one of the first stalls we looked at were loads of old newspapers,
photos, sheet music etc. I of course couldn't help myself and bought
some! I was also sorely tempted to buy some old mags (can't remember what they were called) from the 50's and 60's basically about DIY and stuff! Some of the old ads
in them were brilliant! I will remember that for next time I go and
see if they have some...
What could you want with this old tat I hear you (all the people reading!!) asking.
Well I'm going to start working on an altered book and also might use some of it in an
art journal.

We also went into a few shops selling cheap stuff and Emma want mad, buying all sorts of household things, while I on the other hand, ever the magpie, picked up some alterable stuff. A small wooden "treasure chest" type box with an ugly st george's flag on it amongst other things.
I love boxes, tins, baskets etc and just couldn't help myself!
Also picked up a scarf and a black feather boa!
But the best buy of the day, by a mile, was a gorgeous little wooden stamp from india!
I don't know if it will be any good or even if I'll use it, it's just so pretty.
A very decorative carved piece of wood the definitely needs to be displayed!

This week I'm going to blitz my room. I have decided I'm not allowed to start any more projects
until this mess has been sorted out! Tomorrow I don't start work until 3.30 and tuesday I'm off work so that will give me plenty of time to get sorting and organising.
I feel a few trips to the charity shops will be neccesary...

Actually, might just crack on now...

Friday, 12 June 2009

live, love, create

I'm covered in ink, acrylic paint and cosmic shimmer!
For the first time in a long time I have made something because I wanted to,
I felt inspired.
Not because it's something that has to be finished for a swap, challenge etc.
There is a special feeling when you have created something,
something started as a little idea in your head
then your inspiration took it and ran with it...
Maybe I'll sleep tonight!

tomorrow tomorrow

I really want to make something! I've been bloghopping and looking at all these fabulous things other people have made an I'm totally inspired!
Think I'm going to go and have a root around and see if I can find something to alter!

Welcome back inspiration!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Love it!!!

I almost forgot! I love this site!!!

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures


Swedish psycho

Well, I had a luverly surprise when I got back from dropping the boys off this morning: my jigsaw puzzle had arrived! Of course I ripped the sellotape off the pizza box and opened it, and oh my! It is absolutely gorgeous!
I had been a bit worried as there had been a mix up in numbering the pieces so the finished jiggies wouldn't fit back together properly, but it was fine. Netty (the wonderful person organising the swap) had sent an extra piece so we could alter the mis-matched one to fit and, on mine anyway, it looks quite easily done. Just need to find the right shade of red!

So that's picked me up a bit. I have been quite down lately (many complicated reasons) but today I've been all smiles! There is something about holding a piece of art (and they really are that) that someone has made just for you... I just know how much effort I put into the ones I made!

I think this weekend I'm gonna go to ikea and try to find a frame or similar so it can be proudly displayed on my wall for... me... to see!
Also need to pick some other stuff up, have decided to get back into the whole sorting my life out thing. First on the list is my room.
Ages ago I decided to reorganise my room (get rid of the "floordrobe" and "floorage") so I pulled everything out and got started. However, about halfway through, I lost all enthusiasm for it. So now my room is an absolute tip!
I do think, however, that if I want to feel good in myself I need a space where I can be relaxed and feel good. Not stressed over the state of it!
And I'm going to buy and alter and make things to decorate it!
But first thing first: if I'm going to get rid of the "floorage" I need storage. Hence Ikea! And cause it's fun!!!

Might also pop down to the car boot sale in Wimbledon on my way, see if I can pick up some interesting things... (beacuse that's what I need - more clutter!!!!)

I need to return some video-tapes...

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

getting jiggy with it

Well haven't I been a naughty girl?! I haven't updated my blog for months.
I've just spent the last few hours blog hopping and commenting and feeling really guilty for neglecting my own little baby!

I have been flat out for the last couple of weeks finishing a jigsaw puzzle for a swap on ukscrappers. Because of my stepmum's death and me going to sweden for the funeral I was waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy behind everyone else and I have to admit I was a bit tempted to just throw some bits on it and send it off. But I didn't want to dissapoint the others so I stuck with it and managed to get it done and sent off.
And if I may say so myself it looked quite nice.

Still don't have a camera (since drowning my old one) so was fretting a bit about not being able to take a piccie of the finished jiggy. But luckily my sis had accidentally left hers in my bag so I could borrow that.
As soon as I can give it back to her and she sends me the pics I will put them on here.

I'm back baby!!!!

Slepp tight!