Sunday, 9 August 2009


Sitting here listening to the sheep outside my mum's window.
How relaxing!
I love hanging out here, it's the most important part of any vacation for me...
Yesterday and today we've been working in the garden. My dear mum is so full of idea and always coming up with experiments and now she has decided to redo the whole thing. Job number one is the horseshoe shaped, raised flowerbed surrounded by a stonewall.
She's bought and taken delivery of a whole heap of rocks of all shapes and sizes and she's been chucking them over the fence and I've been washing them and building a (wobbly looking) pile!
It's hard work but loads of fun and very rewarding!

We've also been taking walks with the dog and generally just hanging 'round. Love it!

I've decided to make her a blog where she can write about her garden plans (and general dyi jobs around the house. And show off the results! I think many folks would find that interesting so that's my project for the evening... :-)

Best get off now as she still has dial-up (gasp!) and don't want it cutting out!

Simma lugnt!
(swim calmly?!)

sab x