Wednesday, 22 October 2008

busy bee

Not been on for a while. Been very busy making all my christmas cards plus a boxful I promised to send my mum to be sold to raise money for their church. Why oh why do I take on these things?!

Been a good week so far, monday I recieved a envelope packed full of goodies and today I recieved my first stamped image swap and the envelope had sooo much stuff in it I was in shock!

On my way to the post office now to send off a parcel to sweden. My lovely friend there supplies me with snus (swedish tobacco product which isn't available in the uk) and I recently sent her an atc.
She is quite into crafting etc so I thought she might like atcs. She was really intrigued and started asking me all these questions about it! So I thought I'd put together a little starter kit for her. I'm so excited to see what she makes with it!

I will leave you with this pic from a brilliant website!

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