Sunday, 5 June 2011

We're not living in America

Remember this post? I'm sure you all do as you slavishly follow my blog.
Anyway, a few weeks (months? how old am I?!) I thought: Hey wouldn't it be great to have one of those for this summer? As a sort of travel journal for Barcelona and Sweden but also to just generally record (my last) summer (as a 20-something!). Great, I thought, I'll get one (or two, or three)!
But, oh no! Why would something be that easy?!
Turns out they're not arriving on our little isle until end of July!
Which is after I've been away and half the summer is gone...

So, I've more or less decided to get at least one and some of the bits from the states. I know it will be more expensive but that's the price you pay for being impatient!

One thing that annoys me about this whole situation is that I have a friend (old flat-mate) who's living and studying in the states. She's gone home to Mauritius for a bit and is stopping in London on her way back in a couple of weeks. If I had realised earlier, I'm sure she wouldn't have minded bringing one of these babies for me...

That would have required me to do something earlier than last minute, however, and we all know I don't do that!

When I grow up, I want to be organised!

It seems to be sold out everywhere... If there is a god, he/she certainly seems to not like me very much.

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