Sunday, 15 January 2012

Stress and stuff

Everybody deals with stress in different ways.
This seems to be how my body deals with it (without my consent): massive acne outbreak threatening to turn me into pizza face; left shoulder + neck suddenly, and without warning or reason, spasming and seizing up, causing almost unbearable pain and an inability to move left arm or head + shoulder.
I'm now on my third day with neck/shoulder pain. It has gradually gotten a bit better, for instance I no longer need to keep my left shoulder pulled up and my head tilted to the left to keep from crying in pain (yay!) and I can move my head and arm relatively freely. Still hurts like a bitch. Ibuprofen and heat patches are keeping me sane.

And now I have to crawl back into the cave of never-ending schoolwork where I have spent the last week or so. And try not to cry...

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