Saturday, 20 February 2010

sun is shining, the weather is sweet

It's a glorious day.
Sun is shining.
Am I doing something today?

I can feel my heart beating in my head.
I haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks.
Partly due to insomnia
but also kids' sleepovers and parents shouting
right outside my door.

Do I have to do something?
Just because it's sunny.
I mean it's not like people are lining up
'round the block to hang out.
It's not like I have a single place to go.
Or a single thing to do.

What if I just want to sleep?
Hibernate 'til things start looking up.
Or buy a one-way ticket somewhere else.
Anywhere else.

I think I'll just go back to bed.
Wait for people to reply to my texts.
Or not.
As is so often the case.

Either way, I'm sick of trying.


Hanna said...

it sucks :(

Maskrosmorsan said...

Hmm, hur är det fatt egentligen? Är du längst ner i dalen? I så fall kan det ju bara gå uppåt;-]