Sunday, 29 August 2010

The heck?!

I've been ignoring my hotmail for a couple of days.
Mainly because I've noticed on my little msn today thing that the inbox was full of spam...
Today I decided to do something about it and when I open hotmail this is what I see:

Not only is it 99% spam (which I kind of guessed) but there seems to be two of every message.
98 new emails in all!
Now I've noticed recently that hotmail looks different and since I'm not a big fan of change, I don't like it. But I'm wondering if this updated version, or whatever they're calling it, has screwed up my junkmail filter settings because I used to have one of the strictest settings and only ever got a few each day. As far as I can tell it's either a. that, b. the spammers have gone psycho crazy, or c. "new" hotmail sucks.

Eagle eyed readers will also see in the picture that my hotmail is in Swedish. This is something that's been bugging me for a while. I don't know how it happened! When I moved to London I had another hotmail address but that got hacked or something and pretty much stopped working so I got a new one. Whilst living in London. And at no point did I tick some sort of box or whatnot saying I'm Swedish and therefore want my hotmail to be. So why is it?! Are they psychic?!

Oh well...
Now that I've tidied up my inbox I'm going to have a cup of tea, then get cracking on tidying up my room.
Good times!

Yours truly
sab x


Maskrosmorsan said...

Tidying up your room! Really?!

sabulous said...

It's a never ending project! Kanner mej som javla Sisyphus (eller hur man nu stavar de pa svenska)! Funderar starkt pa att slanga hela skiten!