Monday, 30 August 2010


You know how you're reading/talking about one thing and that leads to another thing which leads to something else etc?
I guess that's how I have come to spend most of the afternoon reading about so called "honour killings" online.
I'm sure I have a lot of opinions on the matter but mostly I just think it's sad...
When I was a teenager in Umea a young girl was killed by her brother and cousin. It happened not too far from where we lived. My brother had kind of hung around with the brother for a short while but I don't think they were very close and I don't think they were still friends when it happened. I might be wrong however, I had all but forgotten about this until today when I unexpectedly ended up reading about the subject. I remember it was all quite horrible when it happened. There was some kind of march in her memory, candles and stuff. Some of my friends had known her and went to the funeral.
It was kind of a shock that someone you'd met and talked to and even hung out with once or twice (a bunch of us went to some football match once and he was with us) had actually murdered someone.
Like I said, it's sad. I remember the mum (in some interview or something) saying that she'd lost two children, her daughter and her son.

And I know it's a tricky subject. A lot of words like culture! religion! integration! immigration! equality! are thrown around. People on blogs and message board, in articles and editorials getting riled up and angry, shouting and arguing.
And sure, I think it's an important debate to have. Solutions need to be found, solutions that work for, if not everyone, at least the majority. But I really can't bring myself to have an opinion.
Because it's people killing people. Family members killing family members. People you're supposed to love and care for, not hurt. And that just makes me sad.

I don't think today is a good day for me to be reading about these things. But then again, what day would be a good one?

I got nothing

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