Sunday, 21 November 2010

Mr King is in the house

That book I was looking for, I found it. Turns out it was in a drawer. The same drawer I'd looked in at least twice, but there it was! Halfway through it now and I have a feeling Mr King will keep me up half the night.
Oh, the joy of reading a book where every page isn't a struggle!
(When I've finished this one it's back to the last 60 or so pages about the fascinating life of Alexander and the strange and unfamiliar feeling of having to force myself to read...)

Sab x
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Maskrosmorsan said...

De e Vittra som varit framme! :-D

sabulous said...

Jo de va nog de! Eller spoket som bor pa min vaning, anvander bettskena o lamnar vattenglas staende... (true story!)