Friday, 25 November 2011

I am Roberto Baggio

Yesterday I had my first test, an open book test for sociology.
I did not do very well on it... If you look up crumble under pressure in the dictionary you'll find a picture of me. So now I have to write an awesome essay to get a good grade for this unit. And I will not crack up doing this. I am starting tomorrow!
Today  I have the morning off and I had decided to just take it easy and relax for once but I think that by now I've been conditioned into constantly feeling like I have something to do so the relaxing isn't going so well. So I'm going to go and buy a few Christmas presents and stuff I need for the party I'm going to tomorrow. And a school bag as the canvas bag I've been carrying my school stuff around in broke yesterday!
But first I'm going to go wash my hair!

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