Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Number one!

After a lot of waiting and a delivery that perhaps did not go as smoothly as my darling sister had hoped, her beautiful daughter, my niece, finally arrived at 03.02 on Friday the 17th.
And she promptly stole my heart.
She is the most perfect thing I have ever seen, and so fascinating even though she doesn't do much.

I still can't quite get my head around my sister being a mum. When she says things like "my daughter" I think "You can't possibly have a daughter, you're just a baby yourself!" It feels a bit surreal, like it's all just pretend!

And my heart aches every minute I am away from this miracle. It has now been 3 days since I last saw her, held her, stroked her soft skin. And with this cold/flu/black death that has taken hold of my body it will be a while before I see her again. I am counting the minutes!

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