Thursday, 2 September 2010

on food

This week my food has had a bit of an Asian theme...
Monday evening, every blog I read seemed to mention sushi, which obviously meant I got a huge craving for the stuff. After dreaming about it all night I decided to have it for lunch the following day! I went to our local Hare & Tortoise at the lunch crowd beating 11.30 (I was too excited to wait any longer!) and got myself a 12 piece vegetarian sushi box. I obviously didn't eat it straight away, just knowing it was there for me when it was time for lunch calmed my cravings somewhat...

Yesterday my local Thai shop finally had some kimchi in stock. For those of you who don't know, kimchi is a Korean side dish that is really yummy. I've only tried a few different varieties and the one I usually get (can't remember the name and not going down to the kitchen to check) is some type of cabbage and quite spicy. Look it up if you're interested and try it if you're so inclined!

And if that wasn't enough I've been snacking on these babies all week:

They are little "fun filled biscuit treats". I got exactly the ones in the picture - chocolate, strawberry and something called "creamy milk filling" which mostly just tasted sweet. But in a good way, ya know!

sab x

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