Saturday, 20 March 2010

Beddy bye-byes for me

I've been working on this long, serious
blog post about being a feminist
and liking music
and being pissed off.
And it doesn't make any sense.
My head feels like it's full of cotton wool.
I'm struggling, through a fog, to make any sense.

Is this what being stupid feels like?

So I ate half a burrito,
(yay for the new burrito place down the road)
took some more paracetamol, ibuprofen,
nasal spray and cough medicine
and now I'm going back to bed.

My angry post will have to wait.
I'll revisit/finish/rewrite it when I feel better.
I'm going to watch stupid videos on youtube for a while
then go to bed.

Y'all be good now.

sab x


Maskrosmorsan said...

Så det bidde ingen soppa? Det bidde en burrito!?

sabulous said...

Haha! Ja kopte grekisk yoghurt me honung o drack en "flu fighter" juice sen pa vagen hem gick ja forbi burrito stallet o da vart ja sa sugen, sa ja kopte en! Fick bara i mej halva... De va jatte mycke jalapenos i den dock sa de va ju jattebra for bihalorna! :)