Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ok, so this seems to be turning into a photo blog...

My theory is that the lip piercing is jealous 'cause
it's not the newest one anymore.
Hence it's punishing me by making my lip swell up.
Which wouldn't really be a problem
(I mean people pay god money for fat lips)
if it wasn't for the fact that it's only one side...

I have rinsed and cleaned with salt solution.
I have also taken some ibuprofen,
not for the pain but it's anti-inflammatory right?
I have no idea if that will help but it can't really hurt eh?!

Now to shower and meet up with sis to buy birthday
present for our dear mum.

sab x

p.s the new holes in my ear hurt.
When am I going to learn that altering the right side of
my body will hurt more than the left.
Seeing how I sleep on my right side...

p.p.s I have just realised that when I'm done with all
my body altering the majority of the work will be on my right side.
Only one tattoo planned for left side
(and that's one no one will see)
and one ear piercing.

p.p.p.s Hmmm



Maskrosmorsan said...

Jag hoppas att du använder nickelfria smycken!? Jag menar såna som inte orsakar allergier!

sabulous said...

Mina nya i orat e titanium o ja tror att lappen e de oxa (eller vare surgical steel?). Problemet ar ju att en lapp piercing aldrig laker helt o hallet (som t.ex. oron hal gor) sa man har ju i princip ett oppet sar... Sa ibland blir det lite smainfekterat! Sen hade ja ett munsar sa jag tror att de kan ha nat me saken att gora... De e ok nu iaf!

sabulous said...

Btw, ja anvander nastan alltid billiga orhangen o har aldrig problem med de sa ja tror att ja inte e sa kanslig for nickel...