Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hello. Is it me you're looking for?

I feel like I should blog.
Tell you all about my amazing new life as a student and all these new experiences and impressions.
And, you know, it is great.
It's also exhausting since I'm still working the same hours. Or rather, have the same workload but less hours to do it in!
I also need to research universities and find 5 courses/unis to apply to before the end of November.
And do my schoolwork.
And try to resist the urge to curl up in the foetal position and cry whenever I try to do these things.
I also found out the other day that, apparently, I don't know how to use punctuation! Specifically full stops and commas.
So rather a lot to take in...

On the upside, I seem to get a discount whenever I buy anything!
And my sister is coming with me to my first university open day on Saturday!

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