Friday, 2 September 2011

No good deed...

Since I got back from my holiday I've been looking after a neighbour's allotment, which basically means that every few days I walk there, pick whatever I want, do a bit of watering and maybe tie up a tomato plant or two. Then I carry my haul home and make it into lovely jams and chutneys. For this she paid me and also gave me two bracelets (she makes and sells jewellery). So when she got back the other day I went over there with some jars of stuff, I kinda figured we'd share it all but wasn't sure what she wanted so just gave her a selection.
Today when I got home from work she had popped a present through the letter box. Two brilliant jam and preserve books and an awesome, professional style thermometer. To say thanks for the jam.
And now I want to give her more jam to say thanks for the stuff...
This could go on forever! 

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