Monday, 18 February 2013

Such a perfect day

Yesterday was my adorable little niece's first birthday. I was there for her birth and for the last year I've watched her grow and change from this soft little baby who, when she wasn't sleeping, was attached to my sisters breast into a small child, with a (strong) will of her own and the most amazing personality. Sometimes when we hang out I feel like my heart might burst with all the love I feel for her!

As it was her first ever birthday (and my sister likes to organise things) there was a party. I baked mini  carrot cupcakes, got all dressed up, bought a bunch of presents and cabbed it over there to celebrate.
It was a brilliant day!

all dressed up
Dress, colourful tights and my hair out. It really was a special day!

The birthday girl tries her cake

Chilling before all the guests arrive

How can you not love that face? That amazing smile just makes my heart melt!

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