Sunday, 14 June 2009

bits and bobs

Today has been a brilliant day! Glorious sunshine and I met up with the lovely Emma
at Portobello Road. On one of the first stalls we looked at were loads of old newspapers,
photos, sheet music etc. I of course couldn't help myself and bought
some! I was also sorely tempted to buy some old mags (can't remember what they were called) from the 50's and 60's basically about DIY and stuff! Some of the old ads
in them were brilliant! I will remember that for next time I go and
see if they have some...
What could you want with this old tat I hear you (all the people reading!!) asking.
Well I'm going to start working on an altered book and also might use some of it in an
art journal.

We also went into a few shops selling cheap stuff and Emma want mad, buying all sorts of household things, while I on the other hand, ever the magpie, picked up some alterable stuff. A small wooden "treasure chest" type box with an ugly st george's flag on it amongst other things.
I love boxes, tins, baskets etc and just couldn't help myself!
Also picked up a scarf and a black feather boa!
But the best buy of the day, by a mile, was a gorgeous little wooden stamp from india!
I don't know if it will be any good or even if I'll use it, it's just so pretty.
A very decorative carved piece of wood the definitely needs to be displayed!

This week I'm going to blitz my room. I have decided I'm not allowed to start any more projects
until this mess has been sorted out! Tomorrow I don't start work until 3.30 and tuesday I'm off work so that will give me plenty of time to get sorting and organising.
I feel a few trips to the charity shops will be neccesary...

Actually, might just crack on now...


Hanna said...

haha jag har försökt o sortera nu i tre dagar helt utan resultat :S

sabulous said...

De enda som hander e ju att allt bara flyttas runt!!! Snart kastar ja bort allt!

Hanna said...

ja så känner jag me, vi skulle ha bott i samma stad så vi kunde komma o hjälpa varandra så de blir gjort nån gång. Så hur ska vi lägga upp våra mål? tror mitt mål för denna vecka ska vara att renska bort vinterkläderna o stoppa in sommarkläderna.

sabulous said...

Ja, jag tycker att veckans mal kan vara klader. Ja har massa att tvatta o sortera etc sa de later bra!