Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Swedish psycho

Well, I had a luverly surprise when I got back from dropping the boys off this morning: my jigsaw puzzle had arrived! Of course I ripped the sellotape off the pizza box and opened it, and oh my! It is absolutely gorgeous!
I had been a bit worried as there had been a mix up in numbering the pieces so the finished jiggies wouldn't fit back together properly, but it was fine. Netty (the wonderful person organising the swap) had sent an extra piece so we could alter the mis-matched one to fit and, on mine anyway, it looks quite easily done. Just need to find the right shade of red!

So that's picked me up a bit. I have been quite down lately (many complicated reasons) but today I've been all smiles! There is something about holding a piece of art (and they really are that) that someone has made just for you... I just know how much effort I put into the ones I made!

I think this weekend I'm gonna go to ikea and try to find a frame or similar so it can be proudly displayed on my wall for... me... to see!
Also need to pick some other stuff up, have decided to get back into the whole sorting my life out thing. First on the list is my room.
Ages ago I decided to reorganise my room (get rid of the "floordrobe" and "floorage") so I pulled everything out and got started. However, about halfway through, I lost all enthusiasm for it. So now my room is an absolute tip!
I do think, however, that if I want to feel good in myself I need a space where I can be relaxed and feel good. Not stressed over the state of it!
And I'm going to buy and alter and make things to decorate it!
But first thing first: if I'm going to get rid of the "floorage" I need storage. Hence Ikea! And cause it's fun!!!

Might also pop down to the car boot sale in Wimbledon on my way, see if I can pick up some interesting things... (beacuse that's what I need - more clutter!!!!)

I need to return some video-tapes...


You Go Girl! said...

ska vi sätte ett mål tillsammans så vi får ordning på våra rum?

sabulous said...

Som satan! Bra ide Banarna! Kan vi ha del mal oxa?