Tuesday, 9 June 2009

getting jiggy with it

Well haven't I been a naughty girl?! I haven't updated my blog for months.
I've just spent the last few hours blog hopping and commenting and feeling really guilty for neglecting my own little baby!

I have been flat out for the last couple of weeks finishing a jigsaw puzzle for a swap on ukscrappers. Because of my stepmum's death and me going to sweden for the funeral I was waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy behind everyone else and I have to admit I was a bit tempted to just throw some bits on it and send it off. But I didn't want to dissapoint the others so I stuck with it and managed to get it done and sent off.
And if I may say so myself it looked quite nice.

Still don't have a camera (since drowning my old one) so was fretting a bit about not being able to take a piccie of the finished jiggy. But luckily my sis had accidentally left hers in my bag so I could borrow that.
As soon as I can give it back to her and she sends me the pics I will put them on here.

I'm back baby!!!!

Slepp tight!


You Go Girl! said...

välkommen tillbaka :)

sabulous said...

tack!!! har lamnat massa kommentarer pa din blog!