Friday, 8 January 2010

If only...

...I were a child again.
The kiddies are all loving what's left of the snow.
(Most of it's turned into ice)
Snowball fights are fun if you're little, I seem to remember
enjoying them back in the day as well.
Now, not so much...
G asked me yesterday if we could buy a sledge
(one of those cheap plastic ones)
and go to Richmond Park!
I should add that he was also hoping his school would
be closed which it wasn't.
So, no sledging...

In other news, I'm currently reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
by Stieg Larsson and hating every minute of it.
It's not so much the book, I'm actually quite enjoying the story,
but the farking English translation.
Now, you might ask yourself, are you
(a Swede)
Reading an English translation of a Swedish book?
The truth is that I prefer reading books in the original
language they were written
(providing it's English or Swedish)
but this is my boss' book and it seemed silly
to get another one simply to read it in Swedish.
Besides, it's not the kind of book I'd normally read,
so I didn't want to spend the money...

Big mistake!
The translation is rubbish.
The language is stilted and feels very unnatural.
It just doesn't flow...
I quite often find myself re-reading sentences several times,
thinking that's not something anyone would say or write
in their native tongue.
Quite often I can guess what the original sentence might have been
and think of much better ways of translating it.
Whoever is responsible has done a very poor job of it.
And is ruining my reading experience!
If this was America I bet I could sue someone...

sab x


Maskrosmorsan said...

Nu vet jag vad du kan bli: översättare. Jag tror att du skulle bli en utmärkt sådan.

sabulous said...

Jamen pa ett stalle va dom i Norsjo o da stod det typ "the main street which was appropriately named Storgatan"... O hur ska man veta vad det betyder om man inte kan svenska alt nat annat skandinaviskt sprak?! O hela tiden stod det att dom akte Tunnelbana. Ingen oversattning el forklaring till vad det kan tankas vara... Grrr
Enligt Jane (som haller med) e andra boken iaf battre oversatt!