Saturday, 23 January 2010


Every day for the last week (at least)!!!!
4 years ago (I'm guessing it's 4 since it's coming up again)
I wanted very much to watch the Olympic ice hockey final.
Did they show it?
In a manner of speaking yes, but not beginning to end
(I don't remember if it was live or not)
and they kept talking about other stuff.
There was no ice hockey talk in the studio in the breaks.
As soon as it finished they went to something else...

But bowls.
That we have to show all day every day.


sab x

(edit: I'm not sure BBC were actually the channel that
cocked up the ice hockey but, as they're the state funded one and they're
usually the ones that show these things*, I'm pretty sure it was them...)

*The Olympics, football world cup, bowls, darts etc

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