Thursday, 28 January 2010

Today's lesson

I hate my nails.
Ok, not my actual nails but rather the infill I had today.
I've had acrylic overlays on my nails for a couple of years now.
I love it, my nails look nice(ish) and they don't break.
(for those of you who don't know, acrylic overlay is
like fake nails only without the tip.
Just a layer of acrylic on top of my natural nails.)
Anyhow, I've been having them done at the same place, by the
same person (Vanessa) for ages.
And she rocks!She always does a great job
and her customer service is excellent. She's a doll.
Lately she's been really busy.
I don't know if more people are getting in on the
nail act or if everyone's just realised how brilliant she is.
The upshot of this is that I clearly need to start booking
appointments rather than just swing by when I want my nails done.
Today I didn't.
When I walked in Vanessa was busy and asked if I'd mind
if someone else did it.
Not wanting to be rude I said that would be fine.
Big mistake!
She was slow, didn't say a word to me in 1 1/2 hrs
and I had to point out a chip that she was just going to ignore.
And now they're rubbish!
I'm distressed.
What do I do?!
My nails are now going to be crap for two weeks.
I wanna cry!
Ok, not entirely true, but it's really annoying...

Today's lesson:
only Vanessa comes near my nails!
Oh, and book an appointment!

sab x

P.s I decided that I was over blue, so I went with
purple today.
Now you know.



Maskrosmorsan said...

Du får kräva pengarna tillbaka! Purple=lila? Snyggt!

Hanna said...

:( men måste du ha dom i två veckor då? eller va de först då hon hade tid?

sabulous said...

Tack mors! De e en jattefin lila-farg!

Hanna - De e varannan vecka man gor en infill, ja skulle ju kunna ga nu men dom har ju inte vaxt nog mycket sa de finns inget att fylla i liksom o hon skulle nog tro att ja var knapp! :)