Sunday, 13 March 2011

I'm still awake

Why am I still awake? Who knows. I haven't been out on the town and come back slightly tipsy and decided to write a blog post. In fact, I've spent most of the evening/night watching Grey's Anatomy. I don't even really like Grey's Anatomy, I just have this thing where I get unhealthily attached to a random tv-show and then I watch it obsessively for hours on end every day until I run out of episodes and then I move on. Not necessarily to another show, just with my life.
Anyway, that's not what I was going to write about.
I'm worried about my ear. Or rather my piercing. Maybe worried is too strong a word, concerned might be better. Either way, it's doing something weird. Some odd looking bumps have developed. I'm pretty sure it's scarring but what do I know. So I'm going to go see my piercer tomorrow. Because I really don't want another infection, I can't handle that again. Not that scarring is much better. I can live with how it looks now but if it gets worse I might have to take it out.
I really want this piercing but not if it means having a permanently disfigured ear. Because as much as I love it now, I'm pretty sure I won't want a bar through the top of my ear for the rest of my life.
So I'm going to finish the Grey's episode I'm watching now then go to bed.
'Cause I also have a million other things to do tomorrow. Things that I've decided to do, not things I actually have to do. I have nothing I have to do on weekends. I don't exactly have people knocking down my door!
Ok, this has turned into a self-pitying emo post. I'm tired. I might delete this tomorrow. Or edit it. Who knows.

I also have really bad heart burn. Which is something I haven't had in a while. So that's interesting.

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Lori E said...

I can't wear anything with nickel in it. Even the hooks on a bra give me itchy patches but in my ears I get lumps forming any time I put in an earring so I just don't bother any more.
Heartburn....take a spoonful of honey.