Wednesday, 13 April 2011

All this technology

We have a thing that we do in this household when G misbehaves. We take away his computer/xbox/whatever privileges. It's not so much a punishment, it's more that being allowed these things is a reward for behaving. Also, being on them too much does absolutely nothing for his mood and energy levels which is often what leads to the bad behaviour in the first place.

The problem now is that there are so many gadgets in this house. If I tell him he's been on the xbox long enough he simply moves to the computer. And when I tell him to get off the computer because he's not listening to me and being rude he just goes and gets the ipad. I tell him he's not allowed it and he starts playing on his mum's itouch. And so it goes.
I keep finding him in various rooms on different gadgets that I have to take off him. I can never remember all of them (Nintendo ds, psp, xbox, computer, ipad, etc, etc) and if I miss one out when telling him he's not allowed he will see it as a loophole which means he can go on it. He's not stupid this boy...

What I need is some kind of comprehensive list so I can just rattle them off and be done with it.

Or this family needs to be stricter with how much time you're allowed to spend in front of a screen in a day.

I don't know.

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