Saturday, 30 April 2011

Fashionista I ain't

My friend, who's handy with a sewing machine, is going to make me a skirt (or two if I'm lucky). All I have to do is find a pattern. So in an effort to work out roughly what I want, before going to the shop and bugging some nice lady with my complete lack of knowledge, I have been googling pencil skirts. And bloody hell. There are no two the same. I can't decide how high I want the waist (I love the high waist look on others but for some reason I've got it into my head that it makes me look fatter), how long I want it to be (anything shorter than mid-thigh and I constantly think my knickers are showing, but too long and we're into "hey, I think I know what I'm doing when it comes to fashion" territory and that's not me so we're left with middle-of-the road vanilla?!), how tight I'm comfortable with, panels etc... This was harder than I thought!
She's going to make it form an old pair of my mum's trousers. They are black and blue striped. I think the stripes are quite wide and how I remember the fabric, I think it will look great. The thing is I don't really remember exactly what it looks like.
You see the fabric (and the friend) is in Sweden and I'm in London. So we'll obviously have to wait 'til July to finish the skirt (fitting etc) but I'm thinking she could start the process with my measurements etc.

The other skirt I want is some kind of swing skirt. This will (I think but then I don't sew) be easier as it won't be fitted and stuff. I'm still trawling the interwebs trying to find a nice style. The waist is again a problem, as is the length and I'm also not sure how long I want it.

Oh, it's so hard being me.

In other news, I'm absolutely skint at the mo'. Which is the reason I haven't gotten inked yet. Actually I'm not, I have money but it's not for spending. It's for investing in my future!

So here's what we've learnt today:
  • I can't decide on anything.
  • I'm saving my money
  • I like using brackets in blog posts (and often long ones)

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