Saturday, 19 February 2011

Living for the weekend

I'm working on something. I'm not going to tell you what 'cause I don't want to jinx it, but I will tell you it's kinda scary.

I watched The Social Network earlier and it made me kind of sad.

And even earlier than that I looked at cameras. I think I've decided, but I need to do some research and find the best price so I can take it to John Lewis and get them to price match it (they do that you know). The reason I want to get it there is simply that I have £40 worth of vouchers so it'll be even cheaper!

So yeah, that's pretty much how I've spent my Saturday. Oh yeah, I had a nap at one point too.
My life is so riveting! I know you're all living vicariously through me!

(funny thing: I just spellchecked this post and it didn't come up with any mistakes so I deliberately changed a word just to make sure it's working!)

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