Monday, 28 February 2011


This weekend I bought a camera. It's a bridge camera. For quite some time I have wanted a digital SLR but they kinda freak me out and are also very expensive. At least if you want a really good one and let's face it, if I'm going to go for it I'm going to do it properly. 
Now, I wouldn't mind spending a fair bit on a good camera if I thought I'd get a lot of use out of it but like I said: they freak me out. I have a feeling I'd get one, try to use it a few times, realise I don't know how to work it/actually take good pictures and just put it in a drawer somewhere.
So I got a bridge camera which is kind of in between a compact and an SLR. Its not as bulky as an SLR and it has a fixed lens so none of the faffing with lenses not to mention they cost a fair bit of money as well. It does a lot more than a compact though and has a big fancy lens and a bunch of settings I don't understand.
And here's my thing: I've researched it, thought about it and talked to people who know and I finally decided to buy it. It was no impulse thing this. I get home, take it out of the box and look at it. Then I put it back in. For hours I kept doing this. I didn't want to put the batteries and the card in and start playing with it in case I changed my mind and wanted to take it back. This is a problem I have, I do this all the time. It;s not that I regret my purchase but that I'm scared I will. Anyway, I texted my sister, she gave me a kick up the butt and I had a play. So far I have to say I love it! I still want to do a course though. I don't understand half of the settings and dials but mostly I don't really know how to take good pictures. You know, composition, light etc.
So now I'm googling courses. I think it'll be fun!

So this was really just my long winded roundabout way of saying: Yay, I have a new camera!

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