Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Growing pains

I'm crocheting.
I'm crocheting a blankety type thing for my dad's impending new baby.
The baby he's having with a woman younger than me.
A year and a half after he split up with his wife who died in May.
I'm being a good person.

I'm torn on this issue...
On the one hand:
My dad's happy, so I'm happy for him.
And you know, I'm gonna have another little bro or sis, that's exciting right?
On the other hand:
The little sibling will be living in eritrea and I won't know him or her.
My dad is 60. And his missus is younger than me.
I'm still sad about my stepmum.

So, I'm trying.
I'm putting together a little package to send them.
I've bought a cute romper suit. And a teddy/blanky.
And I'm crocheting.

Aren't I grown up?!

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