Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Time for a re-think?

I've been looking at my blog.
And thinking...

Umming and Ahhing...

I think there are going to be some changes.
These last few days I've spent every spare minute of my days blog hopping.
And I've seen some things in other peoples' blogs, certain elements, that I like.
That I want to introduce to my own.

Sometimes this blog feels slightly unstructured.
This can sometimes make me a bit stressed and unable to think of anything worthwhile to post.

The winds of change are blowing!

First of all the look of the blog is going to change.
It feels to dark and cluttered.
I don't care if I lose any gadgets/widgets (wadgets? gidgets?)...

Second - I want to change the tone of the blog.
I want to write about interesting things.
I want to engage people (a bit of dialogue wouldn't go amiss either) and make them think.
Now, I don't mean just talking about "important" things and issues and stuff.
Just more thought out, well written longish posts (be they about politics or jamming).

Third - I need to find a happy medium between the "proper" posts
and the short, multiple ones prattling on about my hangover.
They're staying.
If that's what I feel like writing about then I will.
Just maybe not all day everyday for a month...

Fourth - And this goes back to structure.
I want to introduce some sort of recurring thing.
Think "fashion blog" outfit of the day.
But obviously not that. I'm not turning it into a comedy blog!

This list will probably be added to.
But for now, this is my jumping off point.
Now I just need to put it into practice!

Off to make myself a (de-caff obviously) cuppa and start work on this project.
Gotta love a project!

Sab x

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Maskrosmorsan said...

Jag som tycker att du skriver så bra redan. Men lycka till med projektet!