Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Holidays are coming...

I've just realised that I'm going back to Sweden for christmas in a month!
(that's if I ever pull my finger out and buy my tickets...)

I've been even more unorganised than ever this year.
I haven't bought any presents yet, apart from the thing me and my
globe trotting sis have planned, and I just now realised that I haven't
even started my christmas cards yet!

I guess that will just have to be added to the list of things to do this weekend.
Maybe I'll have to light a fire under my sis' bf to get him to
do me those stencils...

Now to trawl the internet for stash and plane tickets!
sab x

p.s. I haven't actually seen a Coca Cola ad yet this year.
And I hate myself for saying this but it just doesn't feel like
the holidays are coming until I do...


Kitty Moore said...

Funny - I've never associated coca cola ads with christmas - now I'll be looking out for it!

sabulous said...

Ooh, that's always the thing that says "holidays are coming" to me! Kinda sad really, but they are very good at the whole advertising thing...