Saturday, 28 November 2009


I think I might (through extensive googling) worked out what kesella is!
On an american forum kinda place it said that kesella is kvarg which in english is Quark...
Think I'm going to try that, since tomorow is the first of advent
and I really want some lusse katter!

This would be so much easier if I just knew what kesella actually
looks/tastes like... But I just can't picture it.
I mean I did manage to find fil in England!
(this article states that [cultured] buttermilk is not the same as fil
I say it is. Or at least as close as you'll get in Britain!)

Mamma - what do you think?
sab x


Maskrosmorsan said...

I think yo`re right. Googlade på kesella och på Arla (tror jag) stod det också att det innehöll färskost och grädde bl.a. Btw du vet väl hur du kan göra kvarg; häll yoghurt eller fil i ett kaffefilter och låt stå över natten. Det som är kvar i filtret är kvarg!

sabulous said...

Kanns kanske lite for avancerat for mej... Tror ja tjackar lite Quark!