Saturday, 7 November 2009

The beast is back!

Well, that was interesting...
Last weekend I decided to take a little break form t'internet.
I spend most of my evenings blogging, bloghopping, on various forums and generally serfing.
Not that there's anything wrong with that, guess I just wanted to see if I could go a week without it.
And I could!!!
I did however read.
A lot!
Monday I read Twilight.
Tuesday I started New Moon and finished it wednesday.
Then I started Eclipse and finished it Thursday.
And finally Thursday and Friday I read Breaking Dawn.
And now I want my week back!
I don't understand why everyone loves these books so much?!
I only read them so obsessively because when it comes to reading I'm, well, obsessive...
When I start a book I can't relax or think about anything else until I've finished it
and since these rubbish books tie together I had to read them all.

I never intended to read them but on monday i had nothing to do at work and Twilight was
lying around so I started browsing it and you can guess the rest...
The girl thought I should read it, even though she thinks it's rubbish, because she said Bella is just like me.
And she was kind of right!
For those of you who haven't read the books (Don't!!) she is quite accident prone.
Falls over a lot. Hurts herself. That kind of thing...
The kids I look after can tell straight away if I'm having what we call "a bad day".
They involve me falling over a lot. Hurting myself. Dropping things. That sort of thing...
Once the boy suggested we play some game and his sister said: I'm not sure. It involves a lot of running and Sabina will hurt herself!

I'm OK with that though.
After about the hundreth fall in public you kinda learn not to be embarrassed!
Oh well...

Feels good to be back!
(Happy now mum?!)
Sab x


Maskrosmorsan said...

Yes, my darling daughter! Blev nästan lite orolig. Gick t.o.m. in på facebook för att kolla om du var där.

sabulous said...

:) Sorry! Kande bara att ja behovde en liten paus... Som en vit vecka ungefar!