Saturday, 12 December 2009


I read blogs.
I read a lot of Swedish blogs.

And I've just realised something:
I've viewed Sweden through rose-tinted glasses.
Sweden is so gender equal.
Sweden is so good at looking after it's vulnerable people.
Sweden is so integrated.
And non-racist.

Wow, talk about going through life wearing blinkers!
Now, my question is:
was it always like this and I was just blind?
Or has my beloved country changed that much in the 6 years since I left?

When did everyone turn into conservative, right-wing,
selfish racists?!

I find this very upsetting...

sab x


Small Footprints said...

I suppose that every society and every country has it's good and bad points. Perhaps you have just chosen to see the good ... and I'm not so sure that that is a bad thing. Can I ask ... what has made you see Sweden in a different, negative light?

I hope that whatever is causing you to see it differently is only an illusion and your beautiful picture of Sweden is restored!

Small Footprints

Maskrosmorsan said...

Nej du, det är ditt fel! Det blev så när du stack!