Monday, 14 December 2009

selfish a***holes!

Bloody BA cabin crew are going on strike.
Over Christmas and new year!
How selfish, uncaring, bitter do you get?!

I'm all for the right to strike.
I think it's a great bargaining tool for workers.
BA have made a loss of nearly £300 million this year
£300 million!!!
It's not like they're being greedy and trying to make more money
by freezing salaries and offering voluntary redundancy.
They're trying not to go under!
I'm guessing the millions they'll lose over the Christmas period
because of this strike would have helped.
I mean, these people realise that if BA go tits up, they lose their jobs right?!
Shouldn't they all be pulling together to make it work?

And whatever the business side of it.
What about the million or so people who won't be able to be with their
families this Christmas?
Where are their rights?
Yes they'll get refunds and whatnot.
I guess they'll have a great Christmas knowing that although
they can't be with their loved ones, at least they'll get their money back!

I'm luckily flying out on the 18th and back on the 4th
so strictly speaking my flights aren't affected.
BA are however offering passengers flying 48 hrs either side of
the strike (22 Dec-2 Jan) the chance to rebook free of charge.
To another ticket within 12 months.
Well this doesn't really help me, as I have to be back at work on the 5th.
Have to, have to have to.
Have to.
I'm guessing there will be delays and many hours spent at the airport.
But hopefully I'll get home.
I have to believe that.
Because right now I'm freaking out.

I hate travel at the best of times...
And this has just made me rethink my choice
of living in a different country to my family...

sab x


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