Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Greetings from a frozen land!

Haven't blogged in ages, can't seem to find the energy
for anything when I'm here at my mum's...
A while ago I decided to post something quickly before she got back
from her evening walk with her dog, as the evenings
are her "internet time", but I couldn't get online!
She had to do it for me...
Earlier today I was saying how I'm so brilliant, and just great at everything
(jokingly of course), as I can always get online on the first try (dial-up)
and today when I fed her dog he ate everything which he usually doesn't.
What's that they say, pride comes before a fall?!

It's been absolutely freezing here in the north pole (I mean Sweden)
and we seem to spen most of our time on the
sofa, curled up under mountains of blankets...
I can't believe I soon have to leave!
I love it here, cold and everything, and of course I love hanging with my mum.
My mum wrote that it always seems like I'll be here
for ages and we have so many plans.
And then time just seems to fly by.
That's exactly how I feel...

Tomorrow is new years eve and I'm cooking a
lovely (I hope) three course meal for my mum.
Complete with mocktails, non-alcoholic wine and bubbly (she doesn't drink).
I think we're going to have a lovely night!
Then on new years day I'm leaving.

But she's, hopefully, coming to London in the spring.
So I'll see her then!

I do love my mum.

Sab x

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MsBurb said...


Time will fly fast and soon you'll be together again!

I hope your New Year's Eve was as good as you had sounded wonderful!