Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Yo ho ho!

Out in Skivsjo, at my mum's now.
And my goodness, there is a lot of snow...
My mum told me to pack warm clothes but,
as a londoner, I don't really own any clothes suitable for this kind of weather.
I was going to take a picture to show what it looks like up here
but of course I forgot to take the camera with me when I went out!

Prepeartions for christmas are in full swing here!
Some guy on the telly is singing Christmas songs,
there's cleaning galore and the christmas tree is being
brought in later to defrost, ready for decorating
tomorrow night!
That's a tradition in our family,
we always decorate our tree the evening before
christmas eve.
I'm sure there'll be some baking at some point as well.
In fact, I think I'll stay home and bake
when my mum takes the dog out tonight.
I usually like going with, but I nearly
lost my toes to frostbite when we went
to the shop earlier today!
Like I said, no suitable clothes...

I will also apologise for any mis-spelings etc
in this post.
I'm having to write it on my mum's desktop
and being used to my laptop I keep hitting the wrong keys!
My mum doesn't do wireless broadband,
she has dial-up as it works out cheaper for her!
Her Blogger is also in Swedish so I can't spellcheck...
I'm sure someone more tech savvy could do something
with the settings, but not me!

Must get on with preparations now!
(Bah, humbug - maybe a bit less now!)

sab x


MsBurb said...

Sounds wonderful, sabulous!

I admire families who decorate the tree Christmas Eve...

My Mother always does it the first week of December so she can gaze at it til Christmas and right through to New Years Day.

That's also nice BUT it takes away from the family excitement and purpose of gathering around and decorating it together...

But my parents worked full-time and with company, I think Mom would have been over-loaded with that also being on the list that night...

When you decorate your tree tonight, think of all of us who are vicariously decorating it with ya, okay?!

May you have a wonderful Christmas and all the Best into 2010!

Cordially, (If Too Much Nog in the Egg!)

Honorary Coffee Shop Hostess-In-Chief &
High Chief Mucky Muck of B3 & TLB2!

P.S. Hey, guess what the caputcha word was for this Comment? ARBIO...kinda like tree, huh?!

Armando said...

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