Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Snow chaos!

Now, how much do you want to bet this
is going to mess up my travel plans?
Does God/Allah/Mother Nature/Whoever
not want me to have a nice Christmas?!

It snowed today, all day.
It didn't stay on the ground or anything.
However, the Met office has issued a "24 hour severe weather warning"
for friday, it seems we might get up to 10cm (!) of snow cover...
Now for someone who grew up in the north pole
(ok north Sweden)
this isn't very "severe" at all.
London, though, does note cope well with snow.
Last time we had snow on the ground the city pretty much ground to a halt.
For days!
So it does not bode well.

If there is snow on the ground in London on friday
and you see a grown woman crying on the Picadilly line,
it's probably me...

sab x

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MsBurb said...

I'm thinkin' HOT thoughts for ya, Sabulous!!!

Hope you have a wonderful trip and a wonderfuler Christmas!!!

Cordially, (If Not Entirely Sober!)

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