Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy as Larry

I have my darling Dave back. After he went slightly nuts monday evening I took him to the laptop doctors' where he's been most of the week. I tell you it's been traumatic. We've never really spent much time apart. Wherever I go, he comes too. I've been suffering terribly, especially in the evenings which we usually spend together. I was finally able to pick him up yesterday afternoon in between lunch with my sis and cinema with James. As I was very tired when I got home in the evening we didn't really get a chance to hang out so today has been mine and Dave's day together! And it has been glorious! He's all clean and shiny and the fan no longer makes that loud whining noise.

Oh, joy!

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Lori E said...

Welcome back Dave. We are so attached to our bits and bytes aren't we. Is that such a good thing? Sure.