Friday, 13 May 2011


The last post on this blog was actually originally posted yesterday.
And then blogger broke. And apparently wiped everything posted yesterday.
Which I only just realised while reading other peoples' blogs.
So there I was, feeling bad all last night that I couldn't post an update. I had taken pictures of all my meals and everything! Which is actually moot as I can't find the cable thingy to upload them. (I swear, this room is like the Bermuda triangle. Things are constantly disappearing! Especially when I've just tidied up...)
When I realised the post about the fast had disappeared it seemed silly to do an update without the back story and I was just sitting here wondering if I could be bothered re-writing the whole thing when I the light bulb lit up: I posted from my phone! Could it be that the post was still there somewhere? Joy of joy, it was!
So I re-posted it.
You're welcome!

Later on, after I've had a chat with my friend and something to eat, I will indeed post an update. Most likely without pictures though, unless the lead finds itself.
Fingers crossed Blogger doesn't pack up again!

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