Friday, 13 May 2011


Right now: kinda hungry.
These last two days have actually been fine.
Yesterday I had fruit salad, with pineapple, galia melon, orange and grapes for breakfast. Yummy in my tummy! For lunch I had a big plate full of raw vegetables: thin cut cabbage, grated carrot, yellow pepper, sugar snap peas and half an avocado. I sprinkled loads of spring onions over for a bit of extra flavour and drizzled a tsp of dressing made with olive oil, lemon, garlic and herbs de Provence over it.
In the afternoon I snacked on strawberries, yum!
Dinner was the most difficult meal as I was eating with G who was tucking into a delicious looking pizza. So munching a salad of little gem lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and avocado was not so much fun. I persevered however and once I'd gotten into it I was fine. Throughout the day I kept having cups of wild fennel tea, which I'm actually becoming quite partial to!
Today's breakfast was pineapple, lunch was the same as yesterday and dinner was half an avocado, sugar snap peas and carrot sticks. I have to say, eating today has been a bit of a struggle. Not because I've craved other things, I just haven't been that hungry. I had to force myself to eat lunch and only ate about half of what I had brought with me. I didn't feel like dinner until around 7.30 with is very late for me, I'm usually starving by six!
I ate some grapes in the afternoon and an apple after dinner. And of course drank a few gallons of fennel tea.
I'm quite pleased I've found a herbal tea I actually like! I usually detest herbal teas and can only drink them with loads of sugar or honey.
I am feeling a bit peckish now, so I might go and munch a couple of strawberries before bed, but all in it's been ok. I haven't really had any cravings and I actually feel great.
Both yesterday and today I've felt really energised and sort of light! I doubt that juice fasting will become a regular part of my life, although hopefully I won't just do it this once, but just eating raw fruit and veg for a couple of days is definitely something I'm going to try to do again. Maybe once a month or so. We'll see.
Tomorrow the juicing begins.
I'm nervous and excited in equal measures!

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