Sunday, 15 May 2011

Short update

Posting from my phone as getting my laptop, that's on a chair next to my bed, seems to much like hard work right now. I'm starting to feel it now. Quite tired and cold and shivery. I'm sipping fennel tea to try and warm myself up a bit and might have a bit of vegetable stock in a bit. Just need to wait until the kitchen is safe first, when I went down to make tea they were eating lasagna that smelled oh so lovely. I felt it best to remove myself sharpish! Controlling my hunger has so far not been a problem as long as I'm not around other people eating. If I feel a bit peckish I take a couple of sips of juice and I'm fine. Vegetable juice is surprisingly filling!
I almost forgot to watch the repeat of Doctor Who tonight (missed it last night to go to my sis' and watch Sweden come third in the Eurovision!) but luckily I remembered at the last minute!
Tonight would have sucked otherwise!
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