Friday, 13 May 2011

Here we go!

As I wrote on my Swedish blog a while back, me and a friend are embarking on a 3 day juice fast.
We were supposed to do it last week but circumstances meant we had to postpone it. So we're starting today!
The first two days we will eat just fruit and vegetables, preferably fresh, to prepare for the three days spent drinking only freshly prepared juices, herbal teas and a bit of vegetable stock. After that comes two days of breaking the fast in much the same way as we started.
So even though the fast is only three days the whole thing takes seven or so days.
So, today is the first day. I've just had a lovely fruit salad for breakfast and I've stocked up on fruit and veg that will be chopped, grated, juiced, blended and prepared into salads, dishes, smoothies and juices.
And joy of joy, there are british strawberries in the shops so quite a few of those will be eaten!
I am aiming to post at least once a day as a sort of diary of this challenge. I'll post what's on the menu, how it's going and maybe more in depth about fasts and stuff.
The journey starts now, so stay tuned!
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