Friday, 30 October 2009


Why am I so tired?
I have only worked 2 days this week...

Beddy byes for me!
sab x


Life Arts Trainer said...

I like your frankness.The blog reflects it.may bethe kind of job you are doing is not suitable for you.ZThats why you feel tired.
When you are choosing a career see whether the folloing are there.
Will it include my interest?
Willit include my values?
Will it suit my trait?
have i got thespecific skills to the job well?
If any of the answer is no you are in a wrong job.It is not late.Find a new one!!All the best.
Iam following you.Follow me too.I can be of some use to you.

Write Right Where You "R" said...

Haahahahah! You're so right!

Maskrosmorsan said...

Hallå där! Sover du fortfarande? Ny månad, nya tag!