Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Return of the Blogger

Been absent for a while...
(did anyone notice?!)
Somehow my life has just gotten really hectic lately.
Not quite sure how that has happened!
Been hanging out with sis a lot and she's kinda far away and now
bro and Bana Hanana are here...
My sister goes on her Big Adventure soon and her going away party is on friday.
As usual I am not prepared at all and it's getting a bit difficult fitting everything in!
It starts at 8, my counselling finishes at 7.45. Hmmm.
I can't reschedule (it is the nhs after all) and it's my last session, when we're supposed
to talk about where I go from here, so I can't cancel it.
My sister is very understanding and has said we can probably sort something
out so I can still eat when I get there (although I'll have to miss the starter).
I need to have my nails done, was going to do that tomoz but ooops - I'd said I'd babysit.
Go to have them done now and the lovely Vanessa isn't there, she's ill!
So I ended up booking an appointment for tomorrow morning (should have enough time
to do my jobs anyway) get home and realise I've forgotten what time the appointment is...
Things are not going well for me!

Sitting here now, drinking apple and elderflower juice, snacking on roasted corn and licorice and trying to make a plan in my head.
Unfortunately my head doesn't seem to be working at the mo...

Until next time
Sab x

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