Monday, 5 October 2009

What a productive weekend!

So, I finally got my piercing!
I'm really proud of myself as I had to go in all on my own and I was bricking it...
But I did it and it didn't hurt one bit! (ok maybe one little bit just when the needle went through)
It was just like when I got my tattoo, the anticipation is the worst and as son as they start I go: Is that it?!

My sister was a star!
We were supposed to go and get some stuff for her (in preparation for her trip) but she came with me to look for a piercing studio first. Which didn't really work out...
Then after we'd been to primark (where she also didn't find anything) she was on the phone trying to find a place.
We ended up getting a cab to fulham for it which meant that she didn't have time to do as much at home as she had planned.
She takes her duties as my piercing/tattoo buddy very seriously!

Anyway, doesn't it look great?!

My sis took this picture right after and then blogged it from her iPhone!

In other news, I had (god knows why) decided to wear some pretty shoes for the weekend.
They have a little heel but are very comfortable.
Only thing is, because I haven't worn them a lot and my feet are very wide, I ended up with huge blisters especially on my baby toes.
Her boyfriend said of one of them that it looked like an extra toe, it was so big!
This morning, after I'd had a shower, I needed to change the plaster.
But apparently it had gotten stuck in the blister and the whole thing came off!
I'm now missing a huge chunk of skin on my toe and had to wrap it up on plasters and micro porous tape...
Think I'm going to have to wear flip flops today!

Over and out
sab x


Anonymous said...

I love getting tattooed i can sit for hours but when i got my nose pierced i was less then impressed.

Maskrosmorsan said...

Nämen, var det inte tungan du skulle pierca? Ha ha